Monday, 8 January 2018

My Zero Waste Food Starter Kit! [1/4] ☆

My Zero Waste Starter Kit
Hey folks! Today I'm sharing what my zero waste starter kit for food consists of. These are all eco-friendly and sustainable ways to avoid plastic, save money, conserve food and hacks to save food as well. The next three posts will all be dedicated to zero waste food. From market hauls, how to shop zero waste at the grocery store, ways to save money and ways to implement zero waste changes into your daily life, I've got you covered.

Food Huggers
 The first item are these silicone food 'containers'. They are different sized silicone molds to store various foods after they've been cut up. For example, there are molds for halves of avocados, kiwis, bananas, apples etc. This helps the food to last longer as it keeps the produce fresh for a longer time and means I don't have to throw anything away.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

 The second item is a bamboo cutlery kit, designed for traveling. As someone who travels often, I know how easy it is to give in to disposable cutlery - use once and throw away, that's basically the motto when it comes to plastic knives and forks. However, this has a major impact on our planet, so I wanted a sustainable alternative. I wash these in cold water to preserve the bamboo and rinse the cloth in which it is packaged as it served as a napkin, too.

Cotton Produce Bags

By now it's no secret that I love the farmer's market. I do hate the plastic that comes with it, though, so I purchased a set of these cotton produce bags to store my fruits and veggies in. I have two sets of the produce bags; one I purchased myself and one that I was recently gifted. The one I was gifted, I use to store items such as potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger and sweet potato in and I keep those in my cupboards. The ones I purchased I use to keep fresh produce like avocados, tomatoes, carrots and herbs in my fridge. This is a great way for me to reduce my plastic consumption and the produce bags come in various sizes, too!

Storing red onions in my produce bag

A Bamboo Cup

I love my bamboo cup, it's great for on the go. I use it for coffee or tea when I'm at university and I take it with me when I go out if there are no glass options for liquids. For cold drinks, I just take the silicone lid off. I wash it in cold water to preserve the bamboo while cleansing it thoroughly. My bamboo cup is a gift from my wonderful Lily.

Stainless Steel Straw & Cleaner

 Best for last - my stainless steel straw. I love this as I no longer use plastic straws and I'm so proud because I used to love them, especially the swirly ones or the ones that were bendy. They are terrible for our planet and so incredibly wasteful as they go straight into landfill. Instead, I now use my beloved stainless steel straw with the cute little cleaner it came with.

Sites I Purchased Items From:

Travel Cutlery Kit and Stainless Steel Straw - Etsy (Search Zero Waste Travel)
Silicone Food Huggers, Silicone Container, Produce Bags - LevenZonderAfval
Bamboo Cup - Gifted To Me


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