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☆ Zero Waste: Grocery Shopping [Part 2/4] ☆

I am so excited about this little segment I have on my blog. This is part two all about zero waste, sustainability, conscious living and how you can be eco-friendly in your every day life! I want to talk about how you can reduce your food and plastic waste at home while also saving money!
Where I live, the market is open every Thursday and Saturday morning so I tend to bring along a canvas/tote bag to put all of my produce in as to avoid the plastic packaging I tend to get when I buy something.  In here I would typically store fruits, leafy greens and other vegetables. This week I needed a few vegetables so I went to the market and here's an overview of what I purchased:

Tomatoes are great to have for pastas, soups and make delicious snacks if you slice them in wedges and add a bit of salt & pepper!

I'm not really a fan of sweet potatoes, but I decided to purchase one as I love making fries at home and this is a healthier alternative. Additionally, I can also make bake…

An Interview with Bye Bye Romeo Boutique ☆

Today I had the lucky chance to interview Tori Westley, gorgeous Aussie babe and creator of Bye Bye Romeo, an online clothing boutique for badass teens and groovy young adult. Here's what she says Bye Bye Romeo is all about.

MK: Why that name and how would you describe the style, or personality even, of the online boutique and who is the target audience?  TW: Bye Bye Romeo is a clothing store for fun and adventurous young women. I wanted to create a store that can cater to every part of a girls personality. Festival on Friday, girls night out on Saturday and brunch on a Sunday. The name came from me looking around my  room and typing random things into, looking for a domain that wasn’t taken. I saw on Tumblr a girl wearing a shirt that said something about Romeo. I quickly wrote in Bye Bye Romeo and the rest is history. But the main reason is a reminder that you don't need Romeo to be a boss ass bitch. I think sometimes people are too worried about looking fo…