Thursday, 8 February 2018

An Interview with Bye Bye Romeo Boutique ☆

Today I had the lucky chance to interview Tori Westley, gorgeous Aussie babe and creator of Bye Bye Romeo, an online clothing boutique for badass teens and groovy young adult. Here's what she says Bye Bye Romeo is all about.

The Belinda Bodysuit 75AUD
MK: Why that name and how would you describe the style, or personality even, of the online boutique and who is the target audience?  
TW: Bye Bye Romeo is a clothing store for fun and adventurous young women. I wanted to create a store that can cater to every part of a girls personality. Festival on Friday, girls night out on Saturday and brunch on a Sunday. The name came from me looking around my  room and typing random things into, looking for a domain that wasn’t taken. I saw on Tumblr a girl wearing a shirt that said something about Romeo. I quickly wrote in Bye Bye Romeo and the rest is history. But the main reason is a reminder that you don't need Romeo to be a boss ass bitch. I think sometimes people are too worried about looking for their Romeo or their Juliet and I wanted an empowering name. Every time I hear it I just imagine a girl with long blonde hair, a red beret, cat eye glasses, fishnets and a fur coat just looking at the person who did her wrong and with a sassy tone, just waves and says “Bye Bye Romeo!” 

Sun Creature Dress 40AUD

MK: How did you become involved in Bye Bye Romeo and what makes the job fun?  
TW: I have always wanted to be in fashion and always wanted to be my own boss. An online store was something I always dreamed about but never thought I would do, but I just woke up one morning and was like fuck it! Life is too short to be working just for the money. I want to do something that I am passionate about! So, I just started researching how to do. The job is fun because it combines everything I love; fashion, makeup, photography, people. I get to look at clothes all day and make people look cool. Who wouldn’t love that?!

Eyes Of The Stars Top 48AUD

MK: BBR is currently an online boutique. Would you like to extend it to pop up stores in the future?  
TW: I would, yes. At the moment I am doing markets in Adelaide and in my local towns. But the big dream is to have some stores around the country!

Cloud Wings Top 70AUD
MK: What do you think makes BBR unique?
TW: I think BBR is unique because its coming from the perspective of a country girl. I was born and bred in a small region in South Australia where I am just surrounded by orange trees, vines and the river. I know what its like to be scared to wear something a little out of the box in fear of being judged. But I learnt that no one gives a damn. I get called extra every time I leave for an event but people say it in the best way possible. So BBR is empowering women to be the true them. That's why we will be getting enough different styles of stock that every girl that is feeling scared or misunderstood will be able to find something that they can rock!
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