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What I Bought at Nude Foods & Shop Zero ☆

On my Instagram I had recently shared that a friend and I had done some zero waste shopping in Cape Town, South Africa. We headed to both Nude Foods and Shop Zero. Admittedly, I did buy more food than anything else.  I'm only in Cape Town for a short while and still have to travel back to the Netherlands, so I really have to watch luggage restrictions. That didn't stop me from purchasing a few items, though! 

The first stop was Nude Foods. Nude Foods had Kombucha on tap and honestly that already won me over. The store is easy to navigate and they had a variety of items. I think I was most impressed with how body washes, face washes, an assortment of vinegars and oils were readily available to just fill into your own reusable jar which you can bring along or buy in store. They had a small lifestyle section as well. Here  I purchased my safety razor and a small box of blades. I liked the beauty and skincare shelves a lot too - it was great to see so many products packaged in glas…

☆ 10 Easy Zero Waste Food Hacks [Part 4/4] ☆

If you've been following my zero waste food series, you've probably learned a little bit on food conservation by now. Today I'm sharing some tips on eco-conscious grocery shopping, providing sustainable alternatives, ways to save money while purchasing food and some great hacks for when you think you can't avoid packaging or excess plastic.

1. Make a list of what you need and purchase food in bulk.
Buy what you need in the bulk section as the outcome is usually still cheaper. You're reducing the chances of impulse purchases and focusing on what you really need at home.

2. Use canvas, produce bags or glass jars. Especially if you're going to the local farmer's market as people give you a plastic bag for everything. If you're in a supermarket, use glass jars  or produce bags for items that need to be weighed.  Unfortunately you'll still get the sticker but that can be eco-bricked. 

3. Refill when you can. Repeat after me: glass jars and bamboo cup…