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Chit-Chat with Emma Bartley! | Collab with EB Designs ☆

Today I'm back with a brand new collaboration, or better yet, a fresh face to add to the Creative Youth Archive. If you're unsure of what that is, the CYA is essentially just a bunch of creative young adults who I interview and discuss their hobbies and talents with. You may remember Swedish makeup artist Tova, South African musician Reuben (who recently launched his own EP!) and Dutch illustrator Yasha. 
Today we're meeting Emma, an entrepreneur, girl boss (and just general badass) from England. I had found her account via a mutual person we follow on Instagram and I started a conversation, but it wasn't until a few months later that we started talking and I discovered Emma's hobby turnedbusiness. I knew at once that I had to interview her for the Creative Youth Archive section on my blog, so of course I had to reach out to her. To my delight, she said yes! We all know how excited I get for collaborations like these and it's so wonderful to see young adults be …

Through Kotryna's Lens || Collaboration with Kotryna Juškaitė ☆

A few days ago I posted on my Instagram story that I was looking for new creative individuals to add to the Creative Youth Archive, a section on my blog featuring various, talented and badass creatives from all around the globe. It's been a hot second since we've interviewed a photographer though, which is why when Kotryna's  sister told me about her, I had to have a little stalk on her Instagram. I cannot emphasize how excited I am about today's collaboration. Kotryna's landscape photos make me feel. They capture my childhood roadtrips, even though they are photos taken from a car I've never sat in and taken of places I have never been too. There's a sense of nostalgia, familiarity and happiness. After a few e-mails, scrolling through posts and double-taps on Instagram, I finally got the chance to get interview Kotryna. 

Please tell us about yourself! Who are you, what do you do, what makes you interesting?
My name is Kotryna. I call myself a photo…

L'Elegante Femme Unboxing | [Sponsored]

I am super excited about today's  post as it's a collaboration with L'Elegante Femme ! If you are unfamiliar with L'Elegante Femme, they are an online lingerie boutique based in the US. Aside from lingerie, they also sell gorgeous loungewear, comfy activewear and super cute pajamas! 

In addition,  L'Elegante also offers swimwear, accessories and bridalwear in a variety of sizes and colours. I am so happy that they reached out to me as I support their message of every womxn feeling good in their own skin, no matter the shape or size. They've been so kind as to send me a gorgeous item from their collection so today I'm unboxing it and sharing my first thoughts with you!

The piece I received is called the 'Pink Lace Trimmed Satin Teddy' and mine is in a size S. At first glance, I thought it was stunning - the lace adds a bit of sexiness to an otherwise sweet and very girly item, plus the colour gives me absolute princess vibes.

What I love most about thi…