Tuesday, 21 May 2019

An Interview with the Brand of Thankfulness | Sustainability [PR]

My Mahaloo tote bag!

It has been a while since I've posted and I can't stress how much I've missed blogging. Not only have I been doing an internship for the past five months, but I've also been traveling and been super preoccupied with university. While I will post a Current Life Update soon, today I'm welcoming you back to my blog that I have not only given a complete makeover to, but I am welcoming you to an interview I recently had with the Dutch brand, Mahaloo.

By now, most of you know that I have a slight obsession with all things sustainable, so when I came across Mahaloo's Instagram,  I had to reach out to them and ask if they'd like to collaborate with me. Today I've interviewed Tom Anbeek and Randy Maas to tell you all about their brand!
Who are you and what is your brand about?

We are Tom Anbeek and Randy Maas; two young nature enthusiasts from Holland who decided that we wanted to impact the world for the better, so we started our company, Mahaloo. We are the brand of thankfulness and our goal is to grow a #Mahaloofamily full of positive vibes. It is because we are crazy in love with nature that our goal is to spread our positive and encouraging message through our sustainable products. 

What is the main message you would like people to take away from your brand? 
Our main message is to be thankful, because we often forget both the small things, so we are here to not only remind you but also to blow life into you with our vibe-packaged products.

How did you decide to use a Hawaiian name for a Dutch brand? 
During our brainstorm, one of our team-members came up with the word Mahaloo (meaning 'thank you' in Hawaiian). We fell in love with it and since we are all earthlings, we are spreading this beautiful word around! We chose Mahaloo [as the name of our brand] because we are thankful to be on this planet and we want to cherish it. 

Why is it important to you to be eco-friendly? 
If we are going to bring the world a product, we want to keep the 'waste' as low as possible. Since we are still a young organization, we are still developing new methods of producing and new relations with suppliers. 

What kind of products do you sell and how do you ensure sustainable packaging and delivery? 

We don't actually like to say that we are selling products, as we try to replace the word 'products' with 'gift', however, we also need to blast life into the Mahaloo financially. We have a collection of tote bags and the rest is a secret for now, as in the future our products will differ. They will all have a special function to spread our message of thankfulness. The number one importance right now is that our products are vegan and that any material we sell must be sustainable. That is why our packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials and we deliver our products in (and around) Rotterdam on our own bikes!

Are there any other products we can expect to see in your webshop?
Yes, definitely! We are already working on our next product line, so please keep an eye on our website!

If you'd like to keep an eye out on what the Mahaloo team is up to, be sure to check out their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Website. For a chance to be featured on their Instagram, use the hashtag #mahaloofamily! A very big thank you to Randy and Tom  for working with me!

All my love, 

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