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A Beginners Guide to a Goodiebox Membership ♡

I have always loved subscribing to things. When I was younger, it was magazines or books and now, it's subscription boxes. When I moved to the Netherlands, I found so many variations of subscription boxes and I just had to try them all out. Now, I've finally found one that I absolutely adore and it is called Goodiebox. I became a member earlier this year when I saw an ad for it on Instagram (the algorithm always knows just how to get you) and I decided to click on the website to find out how to join. It was easy, there's a set price a month and you receive 5 products which are often full-sized! The products vary from skincare to makeup and hair products, and sometimes they also include hair accessories such as hair clips, headbands or scrunchies! Every now and then Goodiebox also adds a little something extra - a few months ago I received a month's free Hulu subscription, for example.
What I especially love about the brand is the fact that you can customize your beauty…