Sunday, 1 December 2019

A Beginners Guide to a Goodiebox Membership ♡

I have always loved subscribing to things. When I was younger, it was magazines or books and now, it's subscription boxes. When I moved to the Netherlands, I found so many variations of subscription boxes and I just had to try them all out. Now, I've finally found one that I absolutely adore and it is called Goodiebox. I became a member earlier this year when I saw an ad for it on Instagram (the algorithm always knows just how to get you) and I decided to click on the website to find out how to join. It was easy, there's a set price a month and you receive 5 products which are often full-sized! The products vary from skincare to makeup and hair products, and sometimes they also include hair accessories such as hair clips, headbands or scrunchies! Every now and then Goodiebox also adds a little something extra - a few months ago I received a month's free Hulu subscription, for example.

What I especially love about the brand is the fact that you can customize your beauty profile so that you receive products tailored to your skin and hair type.  Every month also has a theme and this month's theme, Go With The Glow was in collaboration with Xelly Cabau, a Dutch YouTuber, makeup artist and hairstylist. I loved all of the products so much that it inspired me to review them in this post!

Rituals Miracle 3-in-1 Mascara

The first product I opened was the Rituals Miracle 3-in-1 Mascara. I personally prefer mini mascaras as I rarely finish full-sized ones and these are easier to pop into your purse for touch-ups throughout the day if necessary.

The product is valued at €18,50 for 8,5ml. The design is simple and minimal, with a small classic mascara wand. What's extra cool about this product is that the brush will make a perfect brow brush when there is little to no product left. 

Essentials by Goodiebox Face Mist

I am a sucker for face mists, so I was beyond happy to receive the Essentials by Goodiebox Face Mist in this month's box. The name, Cotton Cloud, is so ethereal. This product is valued at €9,95 and I love that the face mist is pink! I usually use face mists before and after I apply my makeup in order to set it. The face mist also allows you to achieve a fresh, hydrating glow that I think will be perfect for the Spring. This item can be bought in the Goodiebox webshop

Furr 3D Faux Mink Lashes

The next item I unboxed was the  Furr 3D Faux Mink Lashes. It was probably my least favorite product to receive, as I am not someone who wears false lashes that often and I tend to give products like this to a roommate of mine. It would be great if Goodiebox could update the beauty profiles on the website to ask customers if they would wear lashes or like to receive nail tool accessories, for example. That way consumers would get the most out of the box, but perhaps this isn't a feasible option yet. I will say that I am over the moon that the lashes are handmade and vegan-friendly. The mink lashes are valued at €17, so maybe I'll save those for a special occasion - but if I'm honest, I doubt I will wear them.

My Jewelry Pearl Hairclip

One of my favourite items in this month's box! My Jewelry just opened a store in Tilburg's city center and I had been meaning to go for the longest time, so imagine my delight when I unboxed one of their gorgeous pearl hairclips! These are super trendy and are stunning accessories to wear all year round, but I'm particularly excited to style this with my winter outfits. This clip has cute gold accents and is valued at €8,95. I have two pearl barrettes, so I'm beyond excited to add this to my little pearl clip collection!

LA Splash Cosmetics Wickedly Divine Eyeliner

I'm not normally one for eyeliner, but I will admit that Goodiebox knows just how to reel me in. Pink and glitter? Girl, I am sold. LA Splash is a brand I've previously bought makeup from and every product I've purchased is affordable, highly pigmented and long-lasting. 

I'm keen to try out this eyeliner, which is valued at €15. Goodiebox has advised to not only use it as an eyeliner but to apply it to your fingertips and dab it across your lid to create a glittery pink shadow look. I'm down for the challenge and would love to create looks with this product. I can't be the only one experiencing Euphoria vibes right now.

ModelCo Bullet Lipstick

Though I have heard of this iconic Australian brand before, I don't think I've ever purchased anything from ModelCo. The Goodiebox included a stunning bullet lipstick valued at €20 in this month's box. 

It's so good that is also excellent to use as a blush. It's pigmented, kind of red, kind of pink and just all-around gorgeous. I'm not sure how to describe the texture; maybe satin is the best word. This shade is in 'Rhubarb' and has the perfect packaging to match the name.

de Cure No Lift Instant Correcting Serum 

Due to my deep fascination with K-Beauty, I've developed a love for serums. This one by Swedish brand de Cure is a primer and serum in one, which is perfect to achieve a healthy glow. This serum is valued at €85 for 30ml and what I like best about this product is that it is also excellent to apply before you do your makeup to achieve smooth skin.

All in all, this month's Goodiebox was worth €116 which is pretty good. Let me know what you thought of the November Goodiebox! My favourite products were the pearl hair clip and the face mist - what did you like best? If you're a member, let me know what you love about Goodiebox in the comments below!