Tuesday, 11 February 2020

How One Ukrainian Woman's Handmade Vintage Lingerie is Inspiring Every Body

I recently came across LAL couture via Instagram and simply had to reach out to Alina, the fashion designer behind the lingerie brand based in Ukraine. LAL COUTURE stands for Love Alina Logvinova, named after the owner and fashion designer of the brand. LALCOUTURE is currently based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. 

 LAL COUTURE has some of the most stunning designs I've come across and I adore the fact that the designs are handmade and celebrate all women's body types. This is especially true since orders are made to size, so no two pieces are the same. Alina was inspired to design garments due to a need for creativity, rather than a big thoughtful process and calling. During our interview, Alina mentioned she needed to add more creative thinking and actions to her life and as a result, began to sew in all of her spare time. She started with show dance garments, switched to clothing and now she's designing lingerie. 

Alina shared with me that 90% of her pieces are handmade by herself or her seamstress - even the hats are hand decorated! The most popular items are lingerie sets, with styles like 'Audrey', 'Susan' and 'Vanessa' quickly selling out. Alina is currently working on visual presentation updates and keeps her Etsy shop updated, as this is where she sells her handmade designs and interacts with customers. Even on her Instagram, it's clear to see that women of all shapes and sizes love her vintage lingerie designs, bodycon dresses, bodysuits, and vintage clothing, all of which Aline sells through her Etsy shop.  

When I asked Alina what her favourite items were that she's ever made, she said that she simply couldn't choose - every piece is a part of her and her vision. She loves them all and adores seeing the items she's made on her customers, as every single one of them has helped to create a story for that item.

Alina has only recently started collaborating with bloggers and influencers and aims to observe the result of the collaboration in sales. She considers that to be her major metrics, so if you're interested in collaborating with her, messaging her via Instagram is the best way to go about it. What I loved most about talking to Alina is discovering that she doesn't have a particular brand that inspires her, nor has she made a vision board on Pinterest. Her visions and ideas are all thoughts inspired by architecture, traveling around the world, natural color combinations and seeing new horizons. 

For more updates on Aline and LALCOUTURE, be sure to follow her on Instagram. To shop gorgeous sets made to size, visit Alina's ETSY account. 


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