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Chasing Sunsets with Tara Barlow

Tara Barlow is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from New Zealand. You may be familiar with her brand, The Sunset Chasers. When I first discovered it three years ago, I was intrigued by the colorful pictures on her feed and how positive I felt after viewing the content. I loved her message about positivity and how inspired I felt after scrolling through her account, so I wanted to reach out to her. Here's a bit more insight into the face of The Sunset Chasers, how she got started, and all about her plans for what's next.

MK: Hi Tara, please introduce yourself!
TB: Hi Miah! I am 20 years old and although I was born in South Africa, my family moved to New Zealand (NZ) when I was very young and that's where I grew up. Straight after high school, I packed up my life and moved to Canada for 2 years to work as a ski instructor in winter and outdoor guide during the Summer. I started The Sunset Chasers over in Canada about a year ago, and I am now back in NZ due to Corona. I recently sta…