Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Jones Brothers Coffee | Unboxing & Review

Although I drink multiple cups of tea a day, it was coffee that was my first love. My grandparents would allow me to have a small amount and we'd watch the morning news together in their bedroom; me in the middle with my little mug and them on either side of me. I've tried almost every kind of coffee type and I've realized ground coffee is still a firm favourite.
This is one of the reasons why I was so excited when Jones Brothers Coffee delivered a parcel to my house. I was lucky enough to receive two types of coffee, a cute little cup and a saucer. Here's why I loved it.

Jones Brothers Coffee is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands which makes it reasonably "local", should I purchase from them in the future. In addition, they're into sustainability and that's what caught my eye. Their capsules are compostable, plastic free and aluminium free. The website is also pretty transparent when it comes to labels, so you learn about the definitions of hype words such as 'fair trade' or 'sustainable' that often get tossed around in the green sphere. I like that the company shares this and also informs you on the labels to look for when looking for certified products. Both coffees are handroasted in Amsterdam and one is a full body coffee and one a medium body coffee.

The first coffee that I tried includes tasting notes of soft peach and pink grapefruit with a chai undertone, as pictured below. I brewed it following the instructions on the Jones Brothers Coffee website using a French press that I ordered from This coffee contains beans that are from the Chiang Mai region of Thailand and is a Thai speciality.

The second coffee is a seasonal blend which is made from Arabica whole beans. It's a creamy medium dark and espresso roast which includes notes of sweet marzipan, caramel and dark chocolate. This seasonal blend is a lot stronger than the Pink Elephant coffee and has a longer-lasting aftertaste too. What I especially like about the coffees are that they smell absolutely divine and they're the perfect little pick me up in the morning.

In addition to the coffee, I also received a cup and saucer, as well as a tote bag. I enjoyed the way the parcel was gifted to me and the coffee has the cutest packaging. The website has a bunch of resources for brewing instructions, information about sustainability and fair trade terminology and of course a webshop where you can purchase the products and a few coffee accessories for an affordable price!

Let me know what you thought of today's little unboxing and mini review! If you'd like to keep up with me, be sure to follow me on Instagram or leave a comment below of your favourite coffee companies in your city!

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