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Welcome to a section of my blog that I hold dear to my heart. This is a bunch of guest posts mostly written by creative individuals within the age group of 14 - 30. Within this section, we have music, art, fashion, makeup and much more. To me, it's a porthole of inspiration and a wonderland filled with ambitious and artistic individuals from all over the world. If you are interested in collaborating or sharing your work, send an outline of your idea to and I'll get back to you!


Reuben is a talented South African musician who often shares his 
work on social media. Have a listen to his cover of Bon Jovi's Skinny Love here 

Nina shares a bit about friendship, film and photos inspired by the lazy summer days in Cape Town, South Africa. Scroll through what inspires her in this post.

 Beautifully talented Tova is not only gorgeous but smart too. This cruelty-free beauty enthusiast studies Information and Computer Technology but in her free time, she creates amazing makeup looks. Check out her work here

Yasha's a Dutch artist whose playful work has received a lot of attention and for good reason. Though unconventional and fun, his work is sure to make you think. Have a look here


 NEBU is a local duo from South Africa. These girls aren't afraid to share what they're thinking and their beautiful lyrics will have you listening to them on repeat. Check out an interview I did with them here.


Australian native Abby shares her life story about growing up down under. If you want to travel without leaving where you are, this is an excellent read. 


South African faerie California is currently based in Brighton. Although she's studying film-making, this talented babe has loads of artistic skills as she can create the most beautiful illustrations too. Be amazed at her work here

 Luke created a clothing line that broke down barriers of what males and females are supposed to dress as. AGENDERFLUX is an iconic, creative and artistic collection that addresses gender fluid individuals. Read more about the amazing concept here


Alexandrina, also known as Drina, is a dreamy teen in South Australia. This wonderful gal recently created Elysian Haze, a beautiful blog full of inspiration. Have a glimpse of what she's up to here

10. Emma 

This talented Brit has turned her hobby into a business. Emma loves getting creative and specializes in painting! While canvas and paper are great, this girl prefers glassware and creates custom pieces from plant pots to glasses to makeup brush holders! Her most recent work even got featured in her fave café! You can read about her here

Melissa is a painter from Kenya who created The Hadassah Project, an outlet for underprivileged youth in Kenya to embrace their artistic talents and further their development in order to start earning through their skills. The Hadassah Project provides this opportunity by setting up art clubs, exposing students to Kenya's art scene and accompanying them to art studios as a means to inspire. You can read about Melissa's project here

Lorry is an artist from Perth, Australia. She specializes in pyrography and mandala art. I stumbled across her Instagram, 'The Wandering Jones' and just knew I had to feature her on my blog! You can read her interview about her business, how she got started and what she creates here



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