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The online world of Thierry Baudet and Forum Voor Democratie
Digital media have an incredible impact on the lives of everyday people, but if you’re already famous, the spotlight tends to shine a little brighter. In this paper, I will be focusing on the online world of Forum voor Democratie, a right-wing Dutch political party, and Thierry Baudet, their frontman. Through an exploration of their use of social media, analyses of their posts, and the way Baudet asserts himself as someone who is pro-freedom and equality, while simultaneously portraying aspects of nationalism through the use of sarcasm, I’ll be analyzing the virtual worlds in which both Baudet and Forum voor Democratie use various social media platforms to connect with their audience. Read about it here

The Mass Shooting Generation
Young people in the U.S. have been left distraught and disempowered by the waves of mass shootings and other gun violence. But can harnessing social media lead to real change, or is it simply "slacktivism"? Read about it here

How a College Student Lives a Zero Waste Lifestyle
This is a co-authored piece I wrote with Natalia Vdovychenko. You have probably heard about people who promote sustainability at least once in your life. Zero Waste is a movement which has received a lot of  media attention, especially due to climate change and the ongoing ecological catastrophe caused by plastic. But what does it actually take to live a mindful life with zero waste? Is it possible to survive the struggle of reorganizing your life habits if you are still a student? And how expensive is it to do good for the environment?I  answer the questions that you were curious about but didn't know where to ask here

How To Appear Authentic In An Online World
Online applications such as Instagram, are wonderful tools that aid in giving us an online voice, but with the increase of digital influencers and the pressure on users to reach a certain following or look a certain way before posting a photo, how authentic are we really, when our voices get lost and we succumb to Instagram rules and trends? Read about it here


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